Composite Division-September

Esenyacht Composites report significant progress with the construction of “Troy’s” 63 meter carbon fibre mast. The delicate and highly technical operation of joining the mast sections is almost completed, and the patience and precision of the workforce is reaping excellent results as this crucial component of the vessel takes shape. Over a period of three days each section is carefully bonded together, before the two complete lengths are finally joined. This is the culmination of a year of painstaking precision engineering, as each individual piece is formed, measured, and perfected to ensure that the finished product is not only fit for purpose but supremely reliable and stylish.


The construction of this component in carbon fibre is truly ground breaking in the yacht building industry. At 63 meters in length not only is it the largest carbon fibre mast ever to be built in Turkey, it is also the largest in the world ever to be built in-house by a yacht builder. Esenyacht Composites  have searched out some of the world’s finest specialists inder to guarantee solid and reliable results in all of their carbon fibre composite products, and benefit from a considerable investment to ensure that they have the very best equipment and resources at their disposition.

Hızlı Soru