Deniz Can - Profile - August

As General Manager of Esenyacht, Deniz Can is at the very centre of the growing shipyards activity. From purchasing materials for the new 155sloop Troyto analysing designs for future projects he has his finger on the vibrant pulse of activity.


Deniz has a background in structural engineering, having achieved a masters degree that specialised in earthquake-proof buildings. His strong managerial talents resulted in a meteoric rise in the construction industry, and by the time he was 26 he already managed a team of 250 people and oversaw projects both in Turkey and abroad. Mr Kadir Esen, the owner of Esenyacht, first met Deniz Can through his connection with the construction business and they soon started a working relationship that was to grow and prosper.


Originally sent to Bodrum to assist with the completion of the 36m sailing yacht Glorious, Deniz Can was soon hard at work creating the Esenyacht company and overseeing construction of Troy”  along with a host of other projects.


Anybody who has met Deniz will know that he has a calm, analytical approach to business that is reassuring. He enjoys talking to other industry professionals and will be available at most of the major yacht shows.

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