Esenyacht 3D App

Esenyacht have developed a cutting-edge, easy to use app that brings the yachting public closer in contact with their shipyard and their yachts. The app is easy to download on the ITunes store and allows the user to take a virtual tour of both the sailing yachtTROY, currently in construction in our shipyard, and the motor yacht project TAURUS.


The virtual tour can be enjoyed by simply holding your IPadIPhone over a design of the yacht and moving it around as shown in the video here. A yacht design can be downloaded and printed out,you can contact us at any event we attend to receive a design the size of a business card that you can keep in your wallet. With the app, the superstructure of the vessel can be removed, cabins examined in detail, and hatches opened and closed. This is a great feature to show your clients and friends over cocktails! 

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