Esenyacht Composite Division-August

The new Esenyacht marketing campaign is built around a theme of everything on the yacht being built in-house by our teams of experts. The Esenyacht Composite Division is the greatest example of this.


When the Esenyacht technical office decided to use carbon fibre composite for the superstructure, mast, and tender bay hatches on the 155sloop Troythey started to shop around for potential suppliers. After considerable thought it was decided that the best way to guarantee a high standard of finishing and also a timely delivery would be by hiring some of the industrys top professionals and to start an in-house composites division. This was a considerable investment, and involved the creation of a computer controlled temperature and humidity monitored working environment as well as the purchase of two composite ovens and refrigerated storage facilities capable of holding materials at -18° C.


Nicholas Beadle was brought on board to manage the Composites Division, his experience in carbon fibre composites in the super yacht industry is extraordinary and he is now busy completing the mast, which at 63m in length will be the largest carbon fibre mast ever to be built in Turkey. Most of the composite components of the yacht have already been completed, and Nicks talents continue to be employed in some exciting new projects that the Esenyacht will announce in the future.

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