First Electrolux Grand Cuisine Cooking System on a Super Yacht

Esenyacht are proud to have entered into a formal agreement with Electrolux to fit the first ever Grand Cuisine Cooking System to be installed on a super yacht.

The Grand Cuisine Cooking System has been developed to take kitchen equipment used by over half of all Michelin Star restaurants throughout the world, and add stylish and sophisticated design to create a sensational combination of great looks and supreme practicality.

Henrik Otto, Design Director of Electrolux, worked for years with professional chefs and an R&D team. ““We truly believe Electrolux Grand Cuisine is set to revolutionise home cooking” he said – “The products are visually stunning but the design profile is really about communicating the absolute precision and professional performance of the products with the richness of material and the refined machine”

Hızlı Soru