Kadir Esen - Profile-July

As the owner of Esenyacht it is appropriate that our first profile addresses Mr Kadir Esen himself. Kadir Esen brings a lifetime of successful experience in business to Esenyacht. He owns a Group of companies called Tursen Group that have interests as diversified as mining and tourism, and energy and investment. To relax and unwind from the pressures of business, Esen indulged in his passion for yachting and could often be seen at regattas onboard his racing yacht Uzma.

Eventually, he decided to build a yacht himself, and gathered together some of the finest workers and craftsmen to build the yachtGlorious, a 36m ketch that you may have seen displayed at the Cannes and Monaco Shows last year. The experience was a great success, and Kadir Esen decided to invest in super yacht production by applying the skills of his workers to building the magnificent vessel TROY.

Kadir Esen has significant development plans for Esenyacht in the near future, and looks forward to keeping you informed through the pages of this news letter



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