Nicholas Beadle - Profile-October

The Esenyacht Composite Division is a source of great pride to everybody in the company, and the highly specialised nature of the work they carry out required significant input from a highly experienced person. After much research, Nicholas Beadle was selected for this important role. New Zealand born Nicholas has decades of experience in carbon fibre construction within the yachting industry, starting with his involvement in the first carbon fibre mast ever to be used on an America’s Cup yacht and through to his work with many of Europe’s top yacht builders.


The 63 meter carbon fibre mast that will be fitted to “Troy” will inevitably draw great attention, since it is the largest ever to be built in Turkey, but many other projects at Esenyacht are also occupying his time. These include the carbon fibre superstructure that has already been fitted to the 155’ super yacht as well as future projects that are already on the drawing board.

Hızlı Soru