Progress on “TROY” August

The progress made on 155super yacht Troyhas been particularly visible since the last news letter, as work quickly moves towards final finishing in many areas on board. The large fore deck of the yacht has been mainly consumed with work to the opening mechanisms of the tender bay hatches, but now the hatches are almost completely fitted and sealed, ready to be water tested. The entire deck area, both the fore deck and the aft deck, has been painted now and is ready for the teak to be laid. This gives the vessel a brighter appearance, and allows workers to move on to other areas of the yacht. The teak shall be laid closer to the launch date inder to protect it during the build period.


The imposing full beam master stateroom has progressed more slowly than other parts of the yacht, held back to allow work to be carried out on the exclusive owners access hatch above it. Now though, workers are focussing their full attention on this area, the steel work has been painted, and sound and vibration resistant Noxudol has been applied to the walls, ready for further insulation to be attached. This foam product acts both as an anti-condensation agent and a vibration damper.


As the yacht takes shape it becomes easier to appreciate the spaces and styling of the design.  This is a wonderful time to visit and take a look around.

Hızlı Soru